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Books :

(Hindi, English)

Author : Mark Sapdi

Mark Sapdi

Book 1 (Hindi) : PDF

क्रूस से पहले और क्रूस के बाद
Before And After The Cross

जो भी रकम आप देना चाहें

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(डोनेट करने के बाद मुझे एक मैसेज भेजिए, आपको पूरी पुस्तक मिल जाएगी)

अगर आप कुछ भी देने की स्थिति में नहीं हैं तो इस पुस्तक के चार अध्याय फ्री में पढ़िए, और इस पुस्तक के लेखक की सेवकाई के लिए प्रार्थना कीजिए।

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Book 2 (English) : PDF

Answers of Important Questions That Every Christian Should Know

Whatever Amount You Decide

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Book 3 (English) :

When The Heaven is Silent

(Still Writing)

Films :

It’s my dream to produce Social & Gospel Films that will touch millions of people.

Screenplays and Lyrics are ready
(One Gospel Film,
Two Social Films With “Gospel Touch”)
Language: Hindi
(will be dubbed in English, Nepali, and other languages)

Looking for investors/partners who have the same passion for God’s work.

Worship Songs :

I have written so many anointed songs (inspired by the Holy Spirit), in Hindi and English.

Looking for the helping hands to help me produce these songs that will bless the body of Christ.

Websites :

Christian Matrimonial
Find Your Soulmate
(Site is not yet ready)

Classified Ads
Place Your Ad, Grow Your Business
(Site is not yet ready)

Songs & Messages :

(Audio / Video)

Download Songs (MP3) :
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YouTube Link :
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